This is our development blog where we will post ideas about teaching and learning as well as practical methods to ensure that you (and your team or department) moves forward and works towards innovation. We feel that imagination and creativity are at the heart of becoming an innovative practitioner and we aim to help you achieve just that.

Johannes and Neal

Who are we?

Johannes Ahrenfelt worked as Subject Leader for History and County Advisor for a large LEA, and is now Head of Faculty in Norwich. He is in close contact with teacher training institutions in the East of England where he offers his expertise in ICT and pedagogy. He is the co-author of  Innovate with ICT: engaging ICT across the curriculum as well as these books.

Neal Watkin worked as Subject Leader in History and Advanced Skills Teacher in History. He regularly delivers INSET on innovative pedagogy to teaching staff and PGCE/GTP students. He is the co-author of the recently published Exam Class Toolkit – how to create engaging lessons that ensure progression and results as well as these books.

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