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Exam Class Toolkit – how to create engaging lessons that ensure progression and results:

The key philosophy within this book is to show how exam preparation should not destroy good learning and teaching. There are too many cliches and misunderstandings surrounding the teaching of exam groups and if education is to be improved (as per recent government initiatives) then we need to tackle these head on. The book also demonstrate how innovative and exciting lessons are more essential when working with exam groups than at any other time.

This clever book caters for all levels of ability and throughout has sections encouraging you to develop your skills. Read review

Innovate with ICT: engaging ICT across the curriculum is divided into two main parts: Understanding the ICT and Skills and Issues. The first section demonstrates how to use a particular tool by actually creating a resource that can be used with your classes. The second section begins with the Key Skill(s) as the premise and demonstrates how a Key Skill can be enhanced through using a particular ICT tool. So, for example, if you are looking for an effective way to progress students’ Thinking-Skills then read about how to use Adobe Flash to create an interactive diagram in our Deep Learning chapter in Skills & Issues.

Each chapter has a skills focus which is detailed in the Learning Zone box. This area also discusses opportunities for extending a particular skill with the ICT tool in question. In Understanding the ICT, the Learning Zone indicates which skill will be enhanced and how the ICT can assist, while the Skills and Issues section focuses on the Key Skill itself and provides opportunities to find out more about e.g. Independent Learning.

We are both indebted to our University tutor and mentor Terry Haydn for inspiring us to become hard-working teachers. Thank you Terry.

We were approached and asked if we could write a book to share some of the ideas and activities we have amalgamated over the years. Ideas range from designing challenging lessons to keeping students interested and on task to organising your teaching in order to control challenging behaviour. We loved writing the book, hope you enjoy reading it.

100 Ideas for Essential Teaching Skills has also been translated into Chinese and Behasa Malayu or Malay (Kuala Lumpur). Exciting.

Crime and Punishment Through Time (OCR)

Engaging students and inspiring success. Tailored to the OCR GCSE History A: Schools History Project specification, this Student Book offers a comprehensive focus on building the skills needed to prepare students for the exam from day one and includes a range of engaging and challenging activities inlcuding Thinking Skills mysteries. Endorsed by OCR for use with the specification, it is written in digestible chunks and in full colour to motivate students through each topic. Our unique Exam Cafe feature is included, which guides students through each aspect of the exam, providing them with structured help from day one. Grade Studio offers clear advice to help students improve their performance and includes Assessment for Learning opportunities with student mark schemes.

History in Progress: LiveText Whiteboard CD-ROM 3 (1901-Present) [CD-ROM]
This CD-ROM provides interactive, stimulating, fun and engaging activities that makes pupils think about what they’ve learnt and provide a good platform for discussion. We worked hard at this CD-ROM to ensure it included tasks we would like to use ourself in the classroom. It also contains a resource bank that gives you everything you need to deliver the lesson: animations, maps, videos, activity notes, assessment questions and model answers, and much more!

GCSE OCR A SHP: Medicine Through Time ActiveTeach CD-ROM (OCR GCSE Schools History Project) [CD-ROM]

The OCR GCSE Schools History Project ActiveTeach CD-ROM contains an electronic version of the Student Book, interactive Grade Studio and Exam Cafe features, plus a wealth of extra resources to provide you with all the support you need to plan and deliver engaging lessons. “ActiveTeach” enables you to build your own lessons using the searchable resource bank. You can even add your own resources, offering you the perfect rounded solution for personalised lesson planning and easy integration into your schemes of work

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