Using Movie Maker with Your Students

There are several reasons why teachers should involve students in producing movies. Firstly, students become more aware and increasingly critical of this powerful medium. Secondly, getting students to create their own movies, perhaps even with their own narration, is a fantastic way of encouraging them to communicate with each other and getting them thinking about issues such as target audience, planning, team work and purpose. Finally, it is also an effective tool to use to check a class’s understanding of key themes, concepts and overviews. We hope you find these tutorials useful!

Part 1 : Importing media files

Learn how build historical interpretations by bringing moving and still images together and setting them to a soundtrack using Movie Maker.

Part 2 : Using and editing files

Adjust still images and music to create effective presentations.

Part 3 : Using and editing video clips

Learn how to use the adjuster tool to cut out and rearrange movie clips and create movies that show the significance of events

Part 4 : Adding slide transitions and effects

Give your movies more style and meaning by mastering these elements. See how to age your film, or zoom in, creating great interpretations.

Part 5 : Creating narration

Add a voice over to really begin explaining significance or create a complete explanation.
Part 6 : Saving and playing your movie

An essential part of the process if you want to play your movie on other machines.

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