Learning Walk… through Hackney

I went on a course today in Holborn (near Chancery Lane Tube station) and decided to walk back to Liverpool Street Station. On my way I passed through part of Hackney and got inspired by the ideas on display in show many shops, galleries and restaurants – it was what Tom Kelley would call fantastic ‘cross-pollination’. It is amazing how many ideas you can get from unusual sources – it is good to step outside of the profession for a while and just look at interesting stuff.

My best moment was coming across this sign outside a bookshop – talk about clever use of language and letters. I only had chance to look at the window, but there were so many books that I wanted to check out. I have tagged it on Google Maps ready for my more leisurely visit to London in a few weeks.

Bookshop Sign

We need more places that dare to do things differently and can inspire others.

Link for Tom Kelley’s book, Ten Faces of Innovation: http://bit.ly/dqs0R

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